Our lead December editorial is on Christmas. Here is an excerpt:

Today, we not only hear of wars and rumors of wars (Mt 24:6), but of a planet beset by other impending disasters. Today, we are menaced, not by the “population bomb” predicted by so-called experts a generation ago, but by a population implosion – the collapse of a sustainable birthrate in the modern Western world. And, while some now fret about global warming, what truly menaces humanity is the fatal cooling of the hearts of would-be parents, who no longer accept the miraculous gift of faithful and fruitful married love.

This refusal of new life is the true tragedy of our age, for every child is a symbol of that divine “good will” announced by angels so long ago: the child is not only the living embodiment of parental love, but even more, the unmistakable mark of God’s divine, creative love – both for the child’s parents and for the offspring which He sovereignly calls forth through them. From nothingness into existence, we are called into being by love. A child is, thus, the continuation of creation’s sixth day, the sure sign of God’s predilection and its perpetual precondition: peace.