From The Interim’s January editorial:

[A]ll of the causes of climate change are euphemisms for man. The problem is not the carbon footprint, but the person who leaves it; the problem is not carbon consumption, but the carbon consumer; the problem is not even pollution, but the hidden polluter. The real pollution is always the same thing, and it is always a person.

In a recent National Post column, Diane Frances, argued that the solution to climate change was simple – indeed, it always is: that the West adopt China’s infamous and brutal one-child policy. Of course, implementing the barbaric restrictions of Red China won’t make the first world green. But it will provide the demonic escape valve, required by a culture which has been convinced that the human being does not produce waste, but is itself detritus to be disposed of. Although Frances’ position sounds extreme, she has merely followed the logic of climate change to its ineluctable end: the realization that people are the problem.

You can read the editorial in its entirety here.