The Interim is often viewed as a Catholic newspaper, but we are, in fact, a pro-life and pro-family newspaper informed by our (shared) Christian values. Our editorial advisory board, our columnists and contributors, our advertisers, and our readers come from Catholic, Protestant, and Evangelical backgrounds. The presence of a large number of Catholic church ads and the misunderstanding that that the pro-life movement is mostly Catholic leads to the misunderstanding that our newspaper is therefore Catholic.

We are fortunate to have many Christian supporters, including the Bethel Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ in Toronto. Chief Apostle Dr. R.A. Jones has been reading The Interim for more than a decade. His church is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Congratulations to Bethel Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ on a half century of ministry in Toronto. They are celebrating their jubilee March 26 through March 30. For more information check out their YouTube video.