Tanya Granic Allen has a blog post about sex ed in the home country (so to speak) and connects the push for sex education today to the attempts by communists to destroy the Catholic faith.  Two snippets:

So, you can imagine my disgust when I started hearing about the Centre-Left (read ex-commie) Croatian government pushing radical, sexual-education in the country’s schools, a country whose population is 90% Catholic.  It’s hasn’t been twenty years since the war ended and clearly some of the commie allegiances die hard, if at all. After all, radical sex-education is very much contra Catholic Church teaching, so wouldn’t it be very communist to attack the Church from within the school system?


Thankfully, Croatian courts suspended the program because of constitutional loopholes and because the government failed to consult with the parents prior the programs introduction. I’m certain that the courts felt the heat from the enormous public outrage over this program. In what is seen as a parallel issue, pro-family activists in Croatia collected upwards of 710,000 signatures demanding a referendum to support the traditional definition of marriage. All that in a two-week period. Not too shabby for a country with a population of only 4.2 million. If only Catholics in Canada (with 10 times the population) could organize to the same-degree when the government tries to usurp Church teaching in the school system.