reports on the Crossroads Walkers who ended their trek from the Pacific Ocean to the nation’s capital, bringing the pro-life message to communities in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and western Quebec, before finishing up in Ottawa this past weekend. Their efforts were praised by pro-life veterans:

Paul Lauzon of Campaign Life Coalition Ottawa praised the Crossroads initiative for bringing attention to the pro-life issue across the country.  “Crossroads takes the pro-life message to places where it does not go usually,” he said.  “So it got to a lot of new people who weren’t aware of the issue.”

Between this and the story about the Canadian Center for Bio-Ethical Reform’s summer training for students (which comes to a close this Friday), there have been some interesting ways for young people to become involved in pro-life and engage the public. In the September issue of The Interim we’ll have a story on the summer students at Campaign Life Coalition in Toronto and what they were up to for the past three months.