has coverage of the debate on M-312 yesterday that took place over an hour on a Friday afternoon to a packed gallery (so much for no one caring about this issue). It is remarkable that some politicians are afraid of having Parliament examine modern scientific evidence about life before birth to see whether the 400-year-old legal definition of human being in the Criminal Code needs amending. Section 223(1) of the Code states that a child in the womb does not become a human being with rights until it is fully born and severed from the mother. The motion does not amend any laws, it only calls for more discussion informed by science. Nor does it mention abortion or reproductive rights. Those who oppose Stephen Woodworth’s motion are anti-debate extremists, and showing themselves to be afraid of what the science might say. That’s part of the message of Campaign Life Coalition in their press release. And I love this line: “CLC joins Woodworth in finding it ironic that opponents of his motion criticize him for wanting to return to the dark ages when they themselves are defending an outdated 400-year-old law.”