Here is what Interim editor Paul Tuns wrote at his blog Sobering Thoughts earlier today:

Great point made by Campaign Life Coalition’s Jack Fonseca“Eliminating taxpayer funding for abortions that are not medically necessary is a political position that’s more popular amongst Ontarians than is the Liberal Party, the NDP or Tim Hudak’s PCs. So says a recent AngusReid opinion poll.” Now that’s because a majority of Ontario oppose taxpayer-funding of abortion. But typically, even the minority position on a divisive issue polls better than most political parties, indicating that there is room to grow for (cowardly) political parties by taking up so-called losing issues and differentiating themselves from the other parties. After all, 40% or even 35% in a three-way race is often a winning plurality. When the so-called “unpopular” or “controversial” position is shared by a majority of voters, it should be a no-brainer.

Campaign Life Coalition Youth is organizing a Defund Abortion Rally at Queen’s Park tomorrow from noon until 2 pm. While it is organized by CLC Youth, it is for all ages. There will be several speakers on hand to explain why abortion funding is wrong and what wasting $30-50 million on abortion — a completely unnecessary procedure — costs the healthcare system (unmet mental illness needs and whatnot).  The Interim wrote about the forthcoming rally in the March edition and here is our coverage of the 2011 Defund Abortion Rally. Before the formal event at about 11:45 am, an MPP will be on to receive petitions calling for the defunding of abortion in Ontario.

CLC Youth’s Alissa Golob, the event organizer, will be tweeting the rally at @alissagolob.