We are pre-releasing a pair of stories from our November issue which is being mailed to subscribers right now. Our cover story is on the Defund Abortion Rally at Queen’s Park which took place last Saturday and was attended by 2000 people. And here’s our coverage of The Interim co-sponsored Abacus pollon defunding abortion in Ontario which found that the majority of Ontarians do not want most abortions to be subsidized by taxpayers.

Here’s our cover story from last month about how hard it is to get statistics about abortion, including its the number of abortions carried out and the direct cost of the procedure. The Abacus poll found that 48% of respondents want hospitals and clinics that do abortions to be required to release all figures whereas just 23% do not think this information should be required to be disclosed. Our extremely conservative estimate is that the Ontario government pays $30 million for abortion, but that number could be ten times higher.

Also, here is the October editorial which (surprise, surprise) is against taxpayer funding of abortion.