This story is so sad it is hard to celebrate that justice was ultimately done. The AFP reports that a Edward Erin, a 44-year-old British doctor, was sentenced to six years after a judge found him guilty of attempting to administer a poison to induce a miscarriage on his former lover, Bella Prowse, 33. She later gave birth to a boy, whom she named Ernie.

The Guardian has a longer account of the story which includes Judge Richard Hone’s admonishing of the doctor:

“What you did to Bella Prowse is about as serious a breach of trust for a senior doctor as can be imagined,” Hone told the court today in a scathing summing-up of Erin’s conduct.

“Your criminal behaviour not only threw away the standards expected, but it has also betrayed your whole profession.”

The judge said: “The trial has exposed you, stripped you of your flummery, as a liar, a cheat and a predator”.