Campaign Life Coalition’s Matthew Wojciechowski addresses the news that the Canadian Medical Association has urged defeat of M-312. He says, “A ‘medical association’ doesn’t want to debate ‘medical and scientific evidence’ on something that is so central to their profession; human life.” That’s because the CMA is fully committed to legal abortion, and has been for a long-time.

What is interesting is that they are so committed to abortion that not only are they willing to shut down debate, but that they are hysterical in their reaction to the simple request to discuss the matter. M-312 will not re-criminalize abortion. It is not a bill, but a motion — a motion that calls for an examination of the scientific and medical evidence regarding life before birth. It is possible that a committee could find evidence that preborn life is human life but not consider it worthy of legal protection (legal personhood). The motion calls for no amendment to the Criminal Code.

As a recent letter-writer to our paper said, such anti-debate extremism has no place in a democracy. It is terribly distressing that the professional organization for Canadian doctors would stoop to such a misleading scare-tactic.

What is also noteworthy is that the Left constantly invokes the mantra that political decisions should “follow the science” which is a ridiculous stand; science might tell you what is possible, but not what is ethically permissible. But that is their standard, so why don’t they follow it. Those on the Left gets over their science fetish pretty quickly when the topic turns to the humanity of the unborn child.