Blazing Cat Fur exposes the Toronto District School Board’s plans to have elementary schoolboys cross dress. BCF knows this because he’s read the curriculum guide used in the TDSB (and which gay activists, school trustees and Liberal/NDP politicians will claim is a figment of the imagination of ‘homophobes’). BCF says: “The Guide is entitled Both/and..  This section makes it plain that students are to be encouraged to become cross dressers. As you read the entire document you will realize that this is not a curriculum guide but rather a radical political agenda.” BCF documents some of the directions on page 22 of Both/and:

5. Directly after the idea of “what do you most want to draw yourself wearing” has been suggested into the students’ brains, I read them 10 000 Dresses by Marcus Ewert. This book is about a kid named Bailey who happens to be born in a body that people read as “boy”. She dreams of all of the dresses that she would wear if she could make what she saw in her head…. and if her family would realize that actually –she is a girl on the inside.

As Five Feet of Fury notes, “the author of 10,000 Dresses, Marcus Ewert, is a legend in gay-beat circles, having been the lover of William S. Burroughs and Allan Ginsberg, among others.” That’s just great.

Remember when schools, you know, taught things that might be useful: math, reading, writing. Modern public education is child abuse.