Daniel Allott in The American Spectator Online:

But does anyone believe that the man who brushed off a question about when human life begins as being “above my pay grade” gives more than a passing thought to life issues, aside from considering their political implications? Obama’s earnest-sounding words collide with a voting record over more than a decade that reveals an abortion absolutist who does very little “wrestling” over the morality of a procedure he calls “one of the most fundamental rights we possess.”

Barack Obama’s position on abortion is not principled, it is both opportunistic and absolute. It is typical pro-abortion hand-wringing, in which the supporter of abortion pretends to have moral qualms about the procedure or pretends to want to reduce the number of abortions, but which is really support of limitless abortion. Why would Obama be wrestling with something he says is “one of the most fundamental rights”? That sounds like a clearly articulated and thought-out position.