Andrea Mrozek And Rebecca Walberg, manager of research at the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada and president of the Wakefield Centre for Policy Research respectively, have a very good article in the National Posttoday on how the pro-abortion side plays fast and loose with abortion numbers in the maternal health debate. Mrozek and Walberg note the multiple assumptions that pro-abortion researchers employ in coming up with their 70,000 maternal deaths due to unsafe abortion number and find that many of those assumptions do not stand up to scrutiny. Just one example:

Like this one: Abortions in the developing world, they say, are always under-reported. This assumption leads researchers to consistently inflate abortion numbers. Entirely lacking is any rigorous defence of this opinion. There’s every reason to believe that local attitudes toward abortion, most of which are significantly less approving of abortion than those in the West, might lead women to have fewer abortions, not more.

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