S.E. Cupp in the Daily News:

Last week, after the women of the Democratic National Convention had finished making their pitches for more government assistance to help further their sexual liberation, I took to Twitter to shed a collective tear.

“Feminism weeps,” I wrote, “as (Sandra) Fluke and other DNC women get on their metaphorical knees to beg for government to take care of them.”

For all that first- and second-wave feminism did to empower women, to inspire us to be self-reliant and independent, it seems the narrative went from “men are the problem” to “the Man is the solution.” How sad.

The predictable response was that the on their knees reference was a crass oral sex joke — surely it was, but Cupp denies that. But there was a substantive point, too:

The modern liberal feminist psyche has become so obsessed with sex, how the act itself and the consequences of it will be funded and celebrated, that contraception and abortion are seemingly feminism’s only urgent interests anymore.

Like a Freudian fixation, sex is all they see. It is in everything.

Outside of sex — having it and later wishing one hadn’t — the other political projects feminists concern themselves with these days seem either ill-conceived, redundant or grasping at relevance in a world that, let’s face it, is much closer to egalitarian than many young women care to admit.

The obsession with sex — reproductive rights but not responsibilities — is the animating feature of modern feminism. Millions of men are thankful for feminism’s role in the creation of the hook-up culture, but shouldn’t women be smart enough to realize that they are more than the sum of their vaginas and wombs.