C-Fam reports:

 A partnership among abortion backers is showing cracks as feminists in the Global South are pushing back against environmentalists promoting population control measures.

During the inaugural meeting of a new U.N. endeavor on the environment, one group took to social media to refute the “dubious linking” between population and climate change, arguing that “population control strategies inevitably lead to abuses, coercion, and the violation of women’s fundamental rights.”

The Malaysia-based group ARROW advocates for feminist policies at the U.N., including access to abortion. They are skeptical of wealthy Northern countries’ efforts to reduce the fertility of women in poor countries in the name of stopping climate change.

This push is nothing new, as we’ve reported in detail in our 2005 “timeline of the UN’s anti-life agenda.” And there is a reason why depopulation schemes are at the center of the environmental movement, as we explained in our January 2010 editorial: “[A]ll of the causes of climate change are euphemisms for man. The problem is not the carbon footprint, but the person who leaves it; the problem is not carbon consumption, but the carbon consumer; the problem is not even pollution, but the hidden polluter. The real pollution is always the same thing, and it is always a person.” The people-friendly answer to climate change/pollution/the environmental problem du jour is usually figuring how to live with the change and ameliorate the problem (see Bjorn Lomborg and the Copenhagen Consensus).