One of the more annoying criticisms of conservatives from the Left is that they are ideological and won’t “follow the science” as if “science” should free us from making moral distinctions. What the Left seems to be saying on any issue from supposed climate change to embryonic stem cell research to how to deal with crime is that the state should permit what is possible or the social science research — which isn’t “science” — suggests works. “Science” says temperatures are rising and therefore government must enact sweeping climate change rules. “Science” says ESCR could provide cures, therefore government must fund destructive embryonic research. Social “science” indicates crime rates are going down and increased punishment does not affect crime rates, therefore a get-tough-on-crime agenda is wrong. As the kids used to say, whatever.

Here, however, is an interesting case where a politician (Mitt Romney) did follow the science and by considering medical and biological facts, moved from being pro-choice to pro-life. Assuming he is sincere, this is great news. I wonder if the science fetishists of the Left will consider following his example.