Bill Frezza at RealClearMarkets:

You say that your lofty goal is to guarantee “access” to abortion for those who can’t afford it. OK, let’s do the math. The average abortion costs about $400. Something like 1.2 million abortions are performed in the US every year. Suppose a third of these unwanted pregnancies are to women so destitute that $400 would swing their decision. Paying for every one of them to have abortions would bring the bill to maybe $160 million a year. This sound like a lot, but if a majority of Americans really believe that the poor should receive free abortions, the bill comes to about $1 per year per advocate.

So here’s the practice-what-you-preach part. If you truly believe you are your sister’s keeper, how about reaching into your own pocket to dispose of their babies? What’s stopping you from raising the money voluntarily? Surely, there’s room in your busy life for one more walkathon. Consider the hundreds of millions of dollars you spend on advocacy, political campaigns, and lobbying. How about diverting a little of that cash to pay for those abortions you believe are a basic human right?

That’s one dollar per abortion supporter among the public or $400 million from the pro-abortion lobby. And if Planned Parenthood really believed in universal abortion access (as a human right, at that) they could reduce their costs for low-income women.