Former Interim columnist and larger-than-life pro-life personality Fr. Ted Colleton passed away last night at the age of 97. Fr. Ted’s favourite quote is the one attributed to Edmund Burke: “All evil needs to flourish is that good men do nothing.” That is why, after spending most of his life in Ireland and Africa, upon coming to Canada for the final few years of his active priesthood, he joined the pro-life movement — and remained active for another three decades after most people begin enjoying their retirement. Fr. Ted was a good man, a good man who refused to do nothing. He marched, picketed (and got arrested), wrote, prayed, spoke — you name a form of pro-life activism, and Fr. Ted did it.

I’ll be working on an obit for the June issue and probably put some thoughts up online as I write it. For now, here are Interim articles of interest:

“Father Ted Colleton: simple humanity animates his pro-life stand” (July 2003) when Fr. Ted turned 90.

“Father Ted Colleton looks back on a life of service to the pro-life cause” (August 2007) in which Campaign Life Coalition national president Jim Hughes interviews his long-time friend.

Scroll down to page two and beyond to read columns by and stories about Fr. Ted. He wrote original pieces for The Interim for nearly 25 years, beginning in the paper’s first year.

And over at YouTube, there are a handful of audio clips from some of Fr. Ted’s speeches.

Fr. Ted has spent the last few years convalescing in a home, his pro-life activities limited to “praying me beads” (the rosary). Still, we feel this loss deeply at The Interim and across the pro-life movement. Please pray for Fr. Ted and his family — his sisters and nieces and nephews in Ireland and his pro-life family that spans the globe.