Catholic Missions of Canada is an Interim advertiser. We are a pro-life paper and they are a Catholic charity so while we have slightly have different missions, so to speak, but we are very supportive of one another because in the Grand Scheme of things, we are on the same page. As a Catholic I appreciate the work CMC does bringing the Good News to Catholics in underserved small and often poor communities here in Canada. As CMC says:

Not all missions are foreign missions. It may surprise many Canadian Catholics, but they don’t have to look far: some of the poorest and neediest missions served by the Church can be found here in Canada.

CMC recently held their Tastes of Heaven dinner and Neil McCarthy has a report. McCarthy reports:

To give you a sense of the kind of projects that are supported by CMIC, consider the following areas of support:

* First Nations Ministry in the Archdiocese of Grouard-McLennan to assist three missionary priests and three religious sisters working in remote reserves in Northern Alberta, offering the sacraments and faith education to children and adults.

* The building of two mission churches in the Diocese of MacKenzie-Fort Smith in the Northwest Territories and renovating a rectory to accommodate a St. Vincent de Paul store and a senior’s drop-in centre.

* Travel expenses of the bishop and four priests – all over the age of 70 – to minister throughout the Diocese of Moosonee, an area of 1.2 million square km’s in Northern Ontario and Quebec.

Furthermore, as McCarthy reminds us:

The next time we complain that we have to drive more than five minutes to Mass or that the scheduled times for our Eucharistic Celebrations aren’t convenient, consider serving a diocese (Moosonee) that is geographically the size of France. Or a bishop traveling 15 hours to celebrate the Eucharist for 20 people. That’s the reality that our Canadian missionaries face and we should not forget this incredible sacrifice made to share our faith with all corners of the country.

I would encourage our Catholic readers that the next time you see a CMC ad in The Interim to please consider supporting them. And if you don’t get the paper, check out CMC’s website and to follow them on Twitter at @canadamissions.