We’ll get off the Liberal leader’s call for Canada to become abortion provider to the world to return to his call for the federal government’s involvement in raising the country’s children. Montreal Gazette columnist L. Ian MacDonald says: 

Daycare is Ignatieff’s big new idea? He has got to be kidding. He didn’t say how much it would cost, and clearly has no idea. There are two problems with this, money and the constitution, to say nothing of the Liberals lack of credentials on an issue going back to 1988, when they allowed the Mulroney government’s $6.4 billion daycare plan to die on the order paper in the Senate. That’s quite a bit of money even today.

MacDonald says that Michael Ignatieff’s policy announcement on daycare is the same sort of misstep the Liberal leader took with calling for abortion as a key element of Canada’s foreign aid: the victory of tactics over policy. For the Liberals, a concern for such tactics produces not only bad policy, but bad politics. A line about too clever by half comes to mind.