Great post at Five Feet of Fury. Three key takeaways:

1. On left-wing hypocrisy:

[Y]our ‘the State should get out of the marriage business’ argument is too cute for words.

I notice you desperately want the State to stay in the ‘healthcare’ business.

2. On (modern) marriage as a form of welfare entitlement:

[T]hat’s what all this is about: getting your “right” to “free stuff,” otherwise known as “benefits” …

Gay “marriage” activists are campaigning for benefits on the cusp of the era in which those benefits will go the way of the dinosaur.

3. Supporters of gay marriage probably aren’t really in favour of marriage:

[Y]our “slavery is 5000 years old, too!” argument is stupid too. Slavery is bad, marriage is good. Apples, oranges.This would be like equating Rosa Parks with a passed out drunk who missed his stop.

Try harder.


Everyone knows that’s what this campaign is really about: poking straight people in the eye.