The Vancouver Sun reports that comedian Guy Earle’s lawyer Jim Miller left the hearings yesterday because he considered the process illegal. He asked the tribunal if it had jurisdiction to accept the complaint of a lesbian who claims discrimination and the tribunal said they would deal with that issue after evidence had been presented. The Sun reports:

Miller’s argument is that his client, who did not attend the hearing, was entitled to freedom of artistic expression under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and these rights “trumped” Section 8 of the B.C. Human Rights Code.

He said the human rights tribunal was not a “charter free zone” and could not proceed with a hearing if it didn’t have jurisdiction.

Miller said he would await [Tribunal member Murray] Geiger-Adams’ written reasons before deciding whether to apply for a judicial review of his decision.

This is further evidence (as if any were needed) that these human rights tribunals aren’t like real courts, but rather that they operate on principles alien to the rule of law, let alone common sense. Here’s video of Miller walking out, explaining why he had to leave the proceedings.

And in a world wide web first, I link with approval to both Blazing Cat Fur and Warren Kinsella. BCF has various notes on the Earle proceedings yesterday and Kinsella shows that he shares a trait with a stopped clock. That said, Kinsella should (but doesn’t) understand that persecuting comedians is the logical extension of giving the human rights industry the power to decide which views are legitimate and legal, and which are not. You can’t give censors power and expect them not to use it.