Big Blue Wave is probably correct in a literal sense when she notes that the English media coverage of the Quebec College of Physicians press conference is wrong when it reports that the College was advocating legalization of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide while the French media is reporting that the College was merely calling for a debate on the issue. (BBW has the pertinent links.) But generally speaking, advocates of change don’t admit their end goal, but rather begin by saying “let’s talk about [fill in the blank].” In the early 1960s, advocates of abortion within the Canadian Bar Association and Canadian Medical Association, called not for decriminalization of abortion but rather a discussion within the professional ranks. Media such as Chatelaine and the Globe and Mail orginally backed the call for debate promoted by the advocates of change. All this softened opposition to change by signalling to the public that it is okay to hold pro-liberalization views. The same seems to be happening in the euthanasia “debate” — which if the College was paying attention, is already occurring.