A press release from Alexandra Jezierski, who is organizing the Letters for Life initiative.

Prime Minister pressures MPs; Teen’s campaign puts pressure back on Harper

Kingsville, ON, June 20, 2012 – Just as the news leaks out of Parliament that Stephen Harper is putting pressure on his Tory MPs to vote against Motion 312, which would strike a committee to investigate scientific evidence on when human life begins, a seventeen-year old from Kingsville, Ont., is moving full-force ahead with a campaign that puts the pressure right back on Harper.

Alexandra Jezierski is leading Letters4Life.ca, a campaign launched on March 25 and continuing through the summer, aiming to send 100,000 letters to the Prime Minister. Canadians across the country are calling on him to change his stance on Motion 312 and vote in favour of it. With the recent pressure being applied to MPs, the campaign has also been extended to include letters requesting their support for the motion.

The 17-year old has been pro-life from a young age, but says this is the first time she’s ever undertaken a project this big. “I want to help youth know that age doesn’t matter- even if you’re not old enough to vote, you can make your voice heard in government. Writing letters is something everyone can and should do.”

The campaign will end on the day of the vote on Motion 312, by which point Alexandra hopes to reach her goal of 100,000 letters. So far, people of all ages and from almost every province have gotten involved, sending letters and getting their families, schools, and churches involved. Youth in particular are fired up and are speaking up for the preborn. “We’re dedicated, passionate, and most importantly, active,” Jezierski says of her supporters. “We’re not standing by and staying silent while debate on an issue as important as abortion is being suppressed.”

The campaign has met with opposition on its Facebook page, with supporters being told to “go away,” called “idiots,” and threatened by pro-choicers with a “shooting spree,” but those who have gotten involved are undeterred.

Alexandra hopes her letters will make an impact. “The goal seems a bit intimidating at times. It seems impossible and pretty crazy, but when there’s an injustice, when neither the law nor the government take notice, it’s up to ordinary Canadians, regardless of age or creed or ability, to speak up. Regardless of the number of letters sent, we won’t stop fighting.”

“If the government can ignore 100,000 letters from people across Canada and still do nothing about the issue, then clearly there’s something very wrong there. There’s something that’s in dire need of being fixed. Clearly they’re not representing the people anymore.”

The goal of Letters4Life.ca is to help everyone lend their voice to the children who are denied theirs, whether it’s because the law refuses to recognize their personhood, or because their lives are taken by abortion. “We support Motion 312 because it is all about truth. Unless you don’t want to know the truth as proved by science, and you don’t want others to know, there is absolutely no reason to be opposed to Motion 312” added Jezierski.