It’s almost that time of year – the annual LifeChain is coming up. I have only participated in one, and I remember two things from that day.

I had lived in Ottawa for only a few weeks and did not know the bus routes well, so I was terrified of getting lost. Nobody seemed to react to our presence on the sidewalk, except for two young men who looked to be about 18. Dressed in black from head to toe, including dyed hair and spiked jewelry, they passed by the opposite side of the road and yelled “Kill all the babies! Kill them!” Their poor excuse for sarcasm did not get a rise out of me or anyone else nearby. We just kept our eyes on the street, our feet, our rosaries, or the signs. We did what we were there to do.

That’s part of why LifeChain is a wonderful event for beginner activists. Its goal is simple and focused: pray silently in public for an end to abortion, while letting the signs you hold say everything that is needed. LifeChain is a peaceful, prayerful display that does not normally prompt hostile interactions with passersby. You can feel comfortable bringing your elderly grandparents or your youngest children along. If you feel called to attend, most LifeChains will be held on Sunday, Oct. 6 from 2-3 p.m local time. See the September issue of the Interim for a list of locations or contact your local pro-life group.

Taylor Hyatt is a summer student at The Interim.