UPI reports:

A prominent Abraham Lincoln historian in New York says an activist who claims the 16th president was gay admitted to him the story was fabricated.

Harold Holzer, who has written 35 books about Lincoln and the Civil War, said playwright and AIDS activist Larry Kramer admitted to him he fabricated his much-publicized claims that a diary and letters discovered in an old Lincoln home confirmed a homosexual relationship with his roommate, Joshua Speed, the New York Post  reported Thursday.

“I had a private conversation with him (Kramer). He admitted to me that he made the whole thing up. He said he made it up to raise consciousness,” Holzer, who was co-chairman of the Lincoln Bicentennial Commission this year, told the Post.

Holzer also claimed that George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and  Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were gay. Nice. So much of our popular ‘knowledge’ is the result of the propaganda of this agenda or that. How many other things that people ‘know’ about gays aren’t true? Maybe the ‘fact’ that they make up 10% of the population.

(HT: Five Feet of Fury)