The pro-abortion Radical Handmaids have invited people to join them for a M-312 Debate Viewing Party which includes a drinking game for watching the parliamentary debate. Note that the party is at the Canadian Union of Postal Workers boardroom at their offices in downtown Ottawa.

M-312 is not “anti-choice” as the Radical Handmaids contend. M-312 does not mention abortion. It does not mention reproduction at all. Stephen Woodworth is simply asking Parliament to examine the scientific evidence of when human life begins with an eye to possibly redefining human being in the Criminal Code.

Also, note the contradiction in the Radical Handmaids drinking game: trotting out all the pro-abortion talking points about pro-lifers, they say take a shot whenever “women aren’t mentioned once” in a speech but they also say take a drink when a “scare tactic” such as linking abortion and breast cancer are mentioned; how do pro-life MPs talk about the ABC link without talking about women?

Campaign Life Coalition and CLC Youth’s Alissa Golob will be live-tweeting the debate. I assume Rose Blue will be, too. And follow the debate on Twitter at #M312.