The Globe and Mail interviewed Margaret Chan, director-general of the World Heath Organization, about maternal health. Nowhere was abortion mentioned despite the Opposition’s insistence in 2010 that maternal health included abortion, but I found this interesting:

Q: Are Canadians using their money in a smart way?

A: I think the Canadian government’s investment in overseas development is smart, investing in the areas with the greatest return on investment. Why do I say that? Women are an important population. Children are the future of every country. If you really want to help the developing countries, this is the best area to help them. Not only are you making their people healthy, but you are also investing in the future of their children. So this is what I call value-added smart investment.

Notice that Chan is praising Ottawa’s priorities of vaccinations, nutrition, clean water, and safe deliveries. You could read something more pro-life into Chan’s answer, but that is unwarranted considering she supports so-called reproductive rights. But we agree: children are the future and by focusing on life-saving and life-affirming necessities such as food, water, and genuine health care, we are investing in the future. Abortion is most definitely not investing in the future.