Keith Martin asked Candice Hoeppner that if she is truly pro-life why doesn’t she support giving women in the developing world the right to abortion. Hoeppner said she won’t be baited by the Liberals into debating abortion and accused Martin of playing politics with women’s health. Nice turning it around on the Grits.

NDP MP Jim Maloway accuses the Tories are getting their lines for this debate written by Ann Coulter. Cute. He also talked about the Harper government copying both the Bush and Obama administrations. I’m confused. Hoeppner replies: “The only thing that occupies the minds of the opposition is political expediency.”

The government wants to talk about health, nutrition and clean water; the Liberals want to talk about abortion and condoms. A deputy minister (didn’t see who) says the Liberals are only seeking an opportunity to cause controversy, bash Americans and play politics.