As you read more about the controversy of the Catholic Church supposedly reversing course on condoms, you more you realize there is nothing to the story. Pope Benedict XVI is not promulgating a new teaching on contraception but the moral responsibilities of a dangerous but extremely tiny cohort of the population. Again, I wish he avoided adding ambiguity to a discussion in which too many theologians, journalists and faithful would use for their personal and political agendas, but there is no new teaching, period. John-Henry Westen writes about this at the new LifeSiteNews website and his thoughts are worth reading because they explain the authentic Catholic teaching about condoms, but I want to highlight this:

Despite all the false headline hoopla from the mainstream media, the Pope actually said that the Church “of course does not regard” condoms “as a real or moral solution” to AIDS.

But for those who want the Catholic Church to change, the ambiguity was enough for them to deliberately or ignorantly muddy the waters of Catholic moral teaching.