The Ottawa Citizen reports, “An NDP government would lift the ban on Canadian foreign aid dollars being used for safe abortions in the world’s poorest countries, Tom Mulcair will announce Tuesday.” In 2010, the Conservative government initiated a maternal health program that did not fund abortions in the developing world. The so-called Muskoka Initiative funded nutrition programs, sanitation infrastructure, and safe obstetrics so mothers can deliver their babies healthy and alive. The focus on the maternal health program was the health of mothers and babies. Abortion, it shouldn’t need to be said, is about killing unborn babies. It is not about the health of mothers, but ending motherhood. Also, as The Interim has reported, the Conservative government still funded abortions abroad, just not as part of its maternal health initiative.

This move by the NDP leader might be nothing more than politics, with Mulcair trying to out-abortion Justin Trudeau, who a year ago this week announced that all Liberals would have to be pro-abortion. But what about the racist implications that Mulcair thinks there are too many babies being born in the developing world? And what about the pressing issues at home? As a political ploy, Mulcair’s announcement deserves serious scrutiny.