Josh Brahm has a good guest post at the Life Training Institute blog about the pro-life reaction to stories such as the House of Horrors abortuary in Philadelphia and Live Action’s exposing Planned Parenthood’s cooperation with someone they thought were pimps for underage sex workers. Brahms says of the latest scandals:

As atrocious as Gosnell’s barbaric acts were, and as bad as covering up sex trafficking is…those things are not what make abortion wrong.

Abortion is not wrong because some abortionists are particularly callous in their treatment of human life or that Planned Parenthood sometimes breaks the law. Abortion is wrong because taking the life of an innocent human being is wrong. Brahm warns pro-lifers not to count on these types of current stories in order to make the case for pro-life although they can certainly be effective in opening people’s minds to pro-life arguments. We still need the pro-life arguments.