Our June editorial is about the aggressive sex education program pushed by the Ontario government and parental control of their children’s education. Although the curriculum’s implementation has been postponed parents need to remain vigilant. However, the thrust of the editorial is to place the sex ed curriculum within a context, namely the secular and progressive liberalism of Pierre Trudeau. An excerpt:

In 1967, Pierre Trudeau famously declared: “There’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.” Forty years later, we now find the state in the bedroom’s of our children. Nor are these two moments unrelated.  Indeed, Trudeau’s utopia for consenting adults requires such invasive indoctrination. Far from removing the state from the private sphere of individual life, Trudeau’s transformative social project requires the mobilization of the entire apparatus of the state to suppress the institutions which have created the status quo. Trudeau, thus, did not create a re-regulated forum for differing opinions about sexual mores, but instead, undermined religion as a valid source for social policy and moral truth.

You can read the entire editorial here. The editorial cartoon that does with it is priceless.