One of the strange arguments pro-euthanasia advocates employ is to note that we don’t let dogs suffer so likewise we should put grandma out of her misery by killing her. The denial of human exceptionalism (to use Wesley Smith’s term) is baffling or revealing, but considering that we don’t take people to veterinarians to be treated, perhaps that means they deserve different kinds of treatment. Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition notes a story in the Abbotsford News that notes some animal rights activists are concerned about the use of gas for euthanizing animals. The News reports, “During the procedure, described as inhumane by some animal lobbyists, caged cats lose consciousness and die after being placed inside a box filled with carbon dioxide.” Schadenberg says:

Whereas I share the concern about the ethical treatment of animals, I cannot understand why if we are so concerned about the use of gas to euthanize animals that we as humans do not react to the use of gas by the final exit network to euthanize humans. Some of whom are depressed and all of whom need a caring community not wannabe Jack Kevorkians.