John McCormack of the Weekly Standard has a good piece looking at the whole Susan G. Komen Foundation ending its support to Planned Parenthood (to the tune of about $600,000) which shouldn’t really be a controversy. PP claims that they aren’t just about abortion and that terminating pregnancies is only about 3% of their business as measured by the services they provide. But as McCormack points out, abortion contributes 38% to PP’s bottom line; if you asked the average person what Planned Parenthood does, nine out of ten would say abortion and contraception. Planned Parenthood says they are not pro-abortion, but rather pro-choice. Here are the numbers: in 2009, PP committed 332,000 abortions but made only 977 adoption referrals. Sort of speaks for itself.

The real issue, though, is not whether the Komen Foundation supports “reproductive rights” as the left side of the blogosphere and Twitterverse seems to think it is. No, the issues are whether the Komen Foundation is free to make funding decisions based on its own criteria (there is no right to private foundation money) and, relatedly, whether PP would provide services to the ends for which the Komen Foundation exists. Komen funded Planned Parenthood because they claimed to provide mammograms, but as Live Action has shown, PP probably does not provide this service to the extent PP claims.

Komen made a perfectly defensible choice and yet the so-called pro-choice side has demonstrated that they actually pro-abortion — so much so that even tackling the issue of breast cancer must be viewed through the abortion lens.