Our lead editorial for the August issue is now online. An excerpt:

This series of events heralds a new day for the pro-life movement. The recent legislative victories demonstrate that being publicly pro-life is no longer beyond the pale, but is, instead, a politically viable position. This change in the political landscape corresponds with a shift in the public’s perception of the pro-life cause. In a news release entitled, “The New Normal,” Gallup reported that, for second year straight, “more Americans call themselves ‘pro-life’ than ‘pro-choice’.” What the pollsters call the new normal, we call a new moment: the pro-life moment.

The seeds which were sown so long ago, and which so many have nurtured, have begun to sprout; a Culture of Life is slowly but steadily emerging in Canada. In recognizing this pro-life moment, however, we are by no means trading in a tawdry triumphalism, nor are we claiming that there is no more work to be done. We are, instead, emphasizing the crucial importance of the political and cultural moment in which we find ourselves, and the unique opportunity we now have to reshape the debate about life issues in our country.

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