In October, we ran a feature story on the Democrats fully embracing its Party of Death status, running on an extreme pro-abortion position. As Rory Leishman noted in his column, for pro-life and pro-family voters in the United States, the choice between the candidates (Mitt Romney and Barack Obama) is clear. I also have a review of several books that show Obama is 1) not competent to be president and 2) a dangerous radical. I conclude:

The glimpses into Obama (and his Democratic Party) provided by these books are not always compatible. What is clear, though, is that Obama is a radical who wants to remake America into a left-liberal utopia. He has only started to fulfil his mission, and on Nov. 6 Americans will decide whether he gets to complete the job.

Please pass along the links above, especially the review of “Obama’s dangerious radicalism” to American friends and family who may be undecided.

At my blog Sobering Thoughts I have predictions for today and I hope they are based more on analysis than wishful thinking:

If models on voter turnout on which the current polls are correct, polls conducted over the past week indicate Barack Obama will eke out a 1.5% popular vote victory (somewhere in the 49.7-50.3% range) and an ECV victory of 270-282 (max). However, it is more likely those models are incorrect and pollsters are not getting a sample representative of actual voters, Mitt Romney should win easily. I think Mitt Romney’s range is 274 ECVs to about 340 ECVs, with a likely result in the 290-305 range. Here’s my specific prediction: Romney 297, Obama 241. Romney wins the popular vote with over 52.5%. Here are the battleground state results:

Barack Obama: Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio

Mitt Romney: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin

I wouldn’t be surprised if Minnesota and Nevada tilted to Romney, bringing his ECV victory to 313-225.

Congress: Republicans pick up 6-12 House seats but only three Senate seats picking up North Dakota, Wisconsin, Montana, Nebraska, and maybe either Wisconsin or Pennsylvania but losing Massachusetts and Indiana.

Bonus predictions: Republican challenger Mia Love wins Utah’s 4th CD and CNN will start speculating on the Democratic 2016 nomination (Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden or someone else) before midnight.