Toronto Star columnist Heather Mallick writes hysterically about abortion — which is the only way Mallick writes about anything — implying that the procedure is difficult to obtain in many places and that darn it, there are still nasty pro-lifers all across the country who disagree with the abortion license. Mallick slyly suggests that only men are pro-life by appealing to the sisterhood in the New Brunswick cabinet to help open up abortion access, makes Prince Edward Islanders out to be fire-and-brimstone moralizers by invoking hellfire and putting the words ‘slut’  in their mouths, and implies that pro-life students in Calgary are part of some nebulous network of pro-life activists, mere agents of some sinister (male?) forces elsewhere. The last point is amusing; why does it matter if the activism is local or not? Is the sin of speaking out against abortion any worse for  having a larger carbon footprint in the minds of Mallick and  her ilk?

But the worst part of the column is her implicit comparison of those who oppose unfettered abortion to the Nazis. She says of New Brunswick’s on-going legal battle to not prevent taxpayer funding of abortion at Henry Morgentaler’s private abortion facility: 

The province is clearly waiting for the good doctor, who is 87 and not in good health, to die. In his boyhood, my dear friend Henry also distressed people by not dying. They happened to be Nazi soldiers in Auschwitz, and no, I am not making a link. I am, however, pointing out an irony.

That’s rich: denying making a link immediately after making a link. Noting the irony is making a link. What is interesting, though, is that Mallick makes the taxpayer funding of Morgentaler’s abortion mill about Morgentaler, not the women he claims to be helping. At least she indirectly gets to the truth that this is a personal battle (either about Morgentaler’s ego or bottom line), not the rights of women.

Anyway, comparing a duly elected government to Nazi Germany because it won’t fund abortion is interesting in its own right. Do supporters of abortion really want to bring that analogy to the discussion?