Press release issued by REAL Women:

Liberals reject motherhood

We now know why the Liberal Party is so keen on including contraception and abortion in the G-8 Summit’s proposals in June.  Such proposals will eliminate motherhood – every time.

This came to light when Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett stated (Hill Times, March 22, 2010) that motherhood wasn’t a “real job.”  Instead, she stated that “women” (presumably speaking on behalf of all women) “want economic independence, to be able to go back to school, to get a real job, to be able to go to work.” 

Ms. Bennett’s statement exposes her as being profoundly ignorant, not only about the diverse interests of women, but also about the hard work and effort of those women who choose to raise their own children instead of paying someone else to do so, and thereby sacrificing a second income. 

This is not the first time that a female Liberal MP has denigrated the excellent contribution of full-time mothers to Canadian society. 

In January 1983, Judy Erola, Minister Responsible For the Status of Women stated that women at home did not contribute to society and recommended that the income tax exemption, allowed a married person who remained at home, should be eliminated.  

Liberals never learn.  They continue to see only their own narrow perspective on this and other issues.  Women, not surprisingly, are not all moulded from the same feminist clay as Ms. Bennett et al.  Women are too intelligent for that. 

We are quite capable of choosing our own careers, whether as aeronautical engineers, physicians, teachers, waitresses, etc., and full-time mothers.  It’s OUR choice, not the Liberal party’s!

 This narrow view of women being imposed by the Liberals with ideological blinkers should not be allowed to contaminate the G-8 proceedings on matters on which there is no consensus.  Women in third world countries deserve better.