From the Catholic Civil Rights League:

The Catholic Civil Rights League today expressed disappointment with the recent Federal Court decision striking the application of Frank Chauvin for judicial review of the decision awarding the Order of Canada to Henry Morgentaler in 2008. 
Frank Chauvin, a retired Windsor police detective, was inducted into the Order of Canada in 1987, largely in recognition of his work in the support of underprivileged girls in Haiti.  As a member of the Order of Canada, Mr. Chauvin took issue with the secretive process by which Morgentaler had been recommended by the Order’s Advisory Council, stating that this award was directly contrary to the high purpose of the Order of Canada to unite Canadians behind truly meritorious recipients.  

League notes that all such appointments may now be immune to public scrutiny
Morgentaler’s appointment led to numerous previous recipients returning their honours, several petitions against his conferral, and a national outcry objecting to honouring Canada’s leading abortionist.  It has been acknowledged as the most controversial appointment in the history of the Canadian honours system, with more than 100 Members of Parliament indicating their objection to the nomination.

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