has an exclusive interview with Rep. Ron Paul (R, Tx) in which the former candidate for the GOP presidential nomination and former Libertarian presidential candidate says it is no use waiting for the right configuration on the Surpeme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade and proposes a different solution, instead: having Congress take the abortion issue away from the central government and hand it back to the states. I’m not sure about the constitutionality of what he is arguing for, but if it was permitted it would be one way to change the goal-posts and ban abortion in some states and restrict it in many others. It would, however, require a massive change in strategy and tactics within the pro-life movement. Paul addresses some of the concerns critics of this approach have:

The argument I hear against it is “oh, all you’re doing is legalizing abortion in the states.” But if you don’t do something like that, you allow the federal government to stand and legalize it for every single state. I see it as an answer and that doesn’t restrain anybody from trying to amend the Constitution, or waiting to change the Supreme Court. But I think many, many abortions would be prevented, just think if we had passed that back in 1975. You know some states may still have abortions, but there would be a lot of states would not have it. We would have to work within our states, and that, of course, is the way the Constitution is written, and that is the reason I pushed it in that direction.

Let the infighting begin.