You could take a cynical view of this new Ron Paul video and see it as an attempt to win over evangelical/Religious Right voters in the Iowa Republican caucus (and other primary voters assuming he is still in the race as a legitimate contender past New Hampshire), but it is a very good advertisement: the personal stories about his being a doctor who delivers babies, the testimony of others appreciating his Christianity, and women praising the fact that Washington D.C. hasn’t changed him. It is easy to  miss that just like Sarah Palin he is not offering to do anything about abortion. He is giving biography and connecting with the pro-life tribe by hitting the right notes, but there is no commitment to pro-life policy there. That might or might not be a problem, but it is sly and worth drawing attention to. Of course, that is how politics is mostly done now, so it is easy to read too much into a 68-second YouTube video.