Tomorrow in Toronto there is a rally in solidarity with Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician behind the short-film Fitna, about radical Islam and the islamification of society, whose trial for upsetting the feelings of radical Muslims begins this week. Details on the rally are here.

Mark Steyn explains why Wilders is being prosecuted and persecuted by the politically correct and cowardly powers that be:

Behind this disgraceful prosecution lies a simple truth that the Dutch establishment cannot tell its people – that, unless something changes, their nation will become more and more Muslim and, very soon, slip past the point of no return. They understand the tensions between their ever more assertive Muslim population and an aging “native” working class, but they believe that the problem can be managed by placing “the European conversation” – the non-subterranean conversation – within ever narrower constraints, and criminalizing any opinions outside those bounds. Some of them are blinkered and stupid enough to think that they need to do this in order to save the tolerant multicultural society from “right wingers” like Wilders. In fact, all they are doing is hastening the rate at which their society will be delivered into the hands of the avowedly intolerant and unicultural. In its death throes, Eutopia has decided to smash the lights of liberty. [Italics added]

Our freedom and our future are at stake.