The Associated Press reports:

The results of an autopsy could determine whether two teenage girls are hit with serious charges after one of them was found carrying a dead fetus in a bag while shopping at a Victoria’s Secret store in Manhattan …

One of the girls told detectives she was carrying the remains because she had delivered a day earlier and didn’t know what to do, authorities said. It wasn’t clear whether the fetus was alive or dead when delivered, or how far along the girl was in her pregnancy.

As George Will sardonically said in the Melissa Drexler case, perhaps she will be charged with with performing an unlicensed abortion. (Eventually Drexler was charged and found guilty of manslaughter, and served 37 months of a 15-year sentence.) In another column on the case, Will said:

Perhaps the brevity and brutality of the life of Drexler’s son will accelerate the transformation of the nation’s vague unrest into a vivid consciousness that today’s abortion culture, with its casual creation and destruction of life, is evil.