For the past few months we have been linking to Interim contributor Harley Price’s series of essays on The Atheist Delusion. Last month, the final instalment was posted. A taste:

Today, radical Islam has in common with [John] Lennon that it has likewise imagined a world without religion:  specifically, without Christianity and Judaism.  In their avidity to eradicate every vestige of Christian culture, from crucifixes in hospitals to Christmas trees in public squares, atheist visionaries have allied themselves more closely with the Old Testament Prophets, the seventeenth-century Puritans, and the Taliban than they care to admit.  In their defence, the Prophets, Puritans, and Taliban have been intolerant of only certain kinds of religion; the atheist is intolerant of every kind.

Price concludes the essay and the series thusly:

 Like the rest of us, I have no knowledge as to whether or not God exists.  I am considerably more certain that the image projected upon him by his various cultists has only a tenuous relation to his esse.  The only truth of which I am absolutely convinced is that religion is the truest thing in the world.  The best and most beautiful that man has ever wrought in the desert of human history has been nurtured, if not by God, then by the belief in God.  If that is a delusion, then let us hope that we remain deluded.  If recent history is any indication, the alternative is a dessicated wasteland.