I have noted contributor Harley Price’s blog running commentary about The Atheist Delusion in past posts. I want to draw your attention to part three of his series. Samples from his latest critique of Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins:

Dawkins is already a post-speciesist, of course.  He really does regard the killing of a baby in the womb as ontologically and morally indistinguishable from the killing of a cow in the slaughterhouse…


In ridiculing the Church’s unprogressive moral doctrines, therefore, Dawkins and Hitchens are not really arguing with the the troglodytes of faith, so much as with a traditional secular consensus omnium.  As progressives (and not coincidentally, as Darwinians), they are as reflexively hostile to traditional ethical norms as they are to ancient religious beliefs; both are useless appendages left over from the infancy of the race.

Read the entire post for Price’s dissection of the barbaric conclusions of Hitchens’ and Dawkins’ atheism.