The August issue of The Interim went to press yesterday, a labour intensive process which explains the lack of new blog posts recently. This was a content-laden issue, with a focus on the Rasouli decision (which guarantees that doctors cannot unilaterally pull the plug on patients) and gendercide (a topic sparked by Mara Hvistendahl’s recent book, Unnatural Selection, which is also reviewed). Michael Coren writes about threats to free speech; Joe Campbell looks at our shrinking privacy while in public and its link to our reality-tv based culture; Rick McGinnis explores Gene Simmons’ reality show and finds that in many ways it upholds social conservative values. This issue also marks the ten-year anniversary of Paul Tuns as editor-in-chief of The Interim, and features a centerspread of his reminiscings about the past decade from his unique point of view. We also have extensive coverage of Campaign Life Coalition’s Toronto Pro-Life Forum held in late June. All this and more will be arriving in your homes in a week or so, and on the web over the next month.