From William McGurn’s column which Oz Clark noted previously, a very important paragraph:

[F]ew accept the idea that the executive order really adds anything. In fact, on this point National Right to Life, the Catholic bishops and the Susan B. Anthony List are largely on the same page as Planned Parenthood. As are the pro-life Republican leader Mr. Smith and the pro-choice Democrat Diana DeGette of Colorado.

It is not often you get those players agreeing on something. The question — a mystery, really — is why did Bart Stupak and his gang fall for this gimmick? Or do they know that the EO is meaningless?

Two more questions. Why didn’t Stupak seek the advice of knowledgeable pro-lifers such as the National Right to Life Committee, Americans United for Life or Rep. Chris Smith? And if he did seek their advice, why didn’t he follow it?