Worst job in the world this weekend? Democrat whip in the House of Representatives. Do they have the votes or don’t they? Appears that no one knows, not even Nancy Pelosi.

Talks to secure the votes of pro-life Democrats have broken down. The latest rumour is that there could be an executive order with Stupak-like language to satisfy pro-life Democrats. Don’t believe it. Barack Obama is not going to issue an order with any actual teeth in it that will prevent health care providers (public or private) from funding abortion. It will never happen. I do not believe that the “whispers” are true, but even if such a thing were being whispered there is no guarantee of follow through.

Intrade prediction market for Obamacare passing by June rebounded yesterday and closed at 84.7. Yesterday I was sure it would pass, today I have serious doubts. CNN is reporting that it is too close to call, but they have an incentive to not spill the beans so that people stay tuned.