Lauren Wilhelm has a letter to the Windsor Star complaining about pro-lifers demonstrating along the road near the University of Windsor. Wilhelm writes:

Abortion is 100 per cent legal in this country, it is not a crime, it is a choice, a choice that is rooted in every woman’s right to control her own body, sexuality and reproduction. It is a difficult choice that every woman has the right to make free from interference and intimidation.

Sadly, a number of individuals have recently taken to demonstrating along the boundaries of the University of Windsor campus, targeting young women with a view to usurping their right to choose. The presence of these demonstrators, who are men and women well over child-bearing age, is in one word, offensive.

It always baffles and amuses me to see pro-aborts say that merely by offering a different view about abortion pro-lifers impede the “right” of a woman to kill her unborn child. If choice has any meaning, said choice should an informed. Abortion-minded women (and abortion supporters) should know what abortion is, and not just euphemistically, and that there  are alternatives.

Wilhelm goes on to say that these demonstrations at a university shows “an utter lack of respect for” for the institution as a place “of higher learning and forward thinking.” Never mind the intellectual exercise of a give-and-take debate and respect for different points of view, the pro-life position is so reprobate that it has no place in or near progressive institutions like the university.